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Organizing conferences and seminars is a familiar phrase for everyone in general and event organizers in particular. Although there are many different purposes, most conferences are of a formal nature and need to be carefully prepared. Therefore, many units have turned to conference and event centers to cooperate. However, among countless centers, which is the best option with the best quality and reasonable price? With Nonnuocmedia find out right here!

Overview of the conference organization

Seminar, conference is an event of an enterprise or organization or collective conducted to discuss a practical issue; dialogue, poll customers or share industry knowledge. Not only that, organizing a conference is also an opportunity for individuals, businesses and organizations to meet and exchange information, helping to cement relationships and promote images.

7 popular types of conferences and seminars

Depending on the purpose of the business or organization, the conference has different implementation forms. Here are the 6 most commonly used organizational forms today that you can refer to right away.

Scientific seminar

The first thing to mention is the scientific conference. This is a form of conference organized to discuss or publish scientific research results of organizations and individuals. Experts and speakers will present issues and discuss with people who are related or are working and doing research in the same field. Therefore, this seminar is not intended to promote corporate image.


Popular not only in the world but also widely known in Vietnam is Workshop. This is a form of seminar with the purpose of sharing knowledge in a certain field such as marketing, finance, banking, etc. Not only that, this seminar also provides practical examples in the industry for participants to better understand the information. Unlike other conferences, the size of the Workshop is only about 10-20 people. 

Student workshop

This is a seminar to answer questions from attendees about studying abroad. Typically, how is the study program, how much is the scholarship to study abroad or how will life abroad be. In addition to the purpose of sharing knowledge, study abroad seminars also have the purpose of finding customers. They will use this workshop to convert those who have questions (potential customers) into participants and they will work on selling information back to companies specializing in studying abroad.

State Conference

These conferences are usually held on a fixed number of days of the year or take place depending on the purpose of discussion at all levels of the State. The characteristic of this form of conference is its absolute solemnity. Each conference is usually planned many months in advance and carefully prepared down to every detail.


The training will be similar to the workshop but on a larger scale and often take place within the organization or department. Usually, training sessions will revolve around improving knowledge and practical experience for employees to perform tasks effectively, quickly and professionally. Training sessions can take place in companies, groups or any organization. Therefore, this is one of the forms of conferences that are extremely interested.

Symposium – expertise

This is a panel discussion around one main topic and has a single speaker. Usually this seminar will discuss issues related to practice at work or theoretical basis for the operation of businesses and organizations.

Customer Conference

This is an event organized by the company every year. Most of the main guests are their customers or strategic partners. The main theme and purpose of the program is to send gratitude to loyal customers. At the same time, this conference also aims to promote the products or services of the business. Besides, they also use this conference as an opportunity to poll customers to develop business activities.

6 steps of the process of organizing successful conferences and seminars

To have a professional, successful seminar and avoid unnecessary risks. Therefore, it is necessary to follow specific detailed procedures to organize the most standard conference. Here are 6 process steps to help you organize a successful conference.

Step 1: Identify the main topic

Customers first need to pay special attention to defining the conference topic clearly and specifically. That is the root of the problem and the basis for building content as well as planning activities taking place in the workshop in the most detailed and effective way.

Step 2: Make a general organizational plan
- Workshop plan includes 7 parts
- Goals and goals to be achieved
- Main content
- Venue and time
- Budget estimates
- Organizational units
- Make a guest list
- Program of the conference conference

Step 3: Prepare details for conferences and seminars
- Setup conference space and ensure full equipment
- Setup accompanying services such as teabreak, eating, resting, transportation
- Communication for the event
- Printing documents
- Distributing invitations to guests

Step 4: Get organized
- Welcoming guests and conference attendees
- Coordinate the workshop to take place according to the event scenario

Step 5: End the conference program
- Giving souvenirs to guests and attendees
- Record specific minutes for the conference
- Proceed to announce the conclusion

Step 6: Process information
- Evaluate content of conferences and seminars
- Proposing organizations and units to attend conferences and seminars on discussion content

Reasons to choose Nonnuocmedia to organize a conference

With 15 years of operation in the field of event organization, Nonnuocmedia has successfully organized hundreds of events, conferences and seminars. Those conferences and seminars are not only for large enterprises at home but also abroad. Every service we provide is guaranteed both in terms of quality and cost.

To bring the best services to customers is thanks to a team of experienced and professional staff who always try their best in each conference and event. Each time we receive a request from a customer, we will advise in detail. From the planning stage to every detail taking place in the conference, we consider and choose to best suit your requirements and budget. In particular, by owning high-quality organizational equipment, when choosing HoaBinh Events, customers can save a lot of costs to hire more outside furniture.

Therefore, if you are in need of organizing a conference, do not ignore the conference organization service of us! Just pick up the phone and call the hotline 0913 853 198, we will advise you from A - Z to ensure a successful conference!

Nonnuocmedia is honored to accompany you to create high-class conferences!

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