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The first impression is an extremely important thing, so organizing a new product launch event plays an extremely important role for businesses. The more grandiose and unique the launch ceremony, the more it attracts the attention of customers and public opinion, creating a springboard for future development. With many years of experience in the field of event organization, Nonnuocmedia can confidently guarantee you an attractive and unique launch event.

The purpose of the event is to organize a new product launch

Each event, when deployed, depending on the program content, will have different purposes. However, this will be an important milestone, marking the birth of the product in the business process. So organizing this event will have the following purposes and meanings:

Recommend to buy the product

After introducing the product, the business can encourage customers to buy it with many incentives. If you are an agency customer, you can encourage them to sign a contract to buy many products, in return for a lucky draw to win gifts. If you are an individual customer, you can offer discount coupons, or have promotions to encourage them to buy new products.

Product experience

The direct use of new products will make customers remember them for a long time, decide to buy them, or tell acquaintances about their pleasant experiences with them. Do not miss this performance when organizing a new product launch ceremony.

Enabling customers to spread the word about new products

Today, with the strong development of phones and the internet, businesses can help event attendees instantly share information on their social networks to spread to their friends. Encourage guests to talk about new products with many meaningful small gifts.

The process of organizing the announcement ceremony of new product launch

If you are looking to learn the process of organizing a new product launch ceremony, please refer to the following basic steps with Nonnuocmedia:

Know the product

In order for the product to be launched and bring in revenue for the business, the first thing to do is understand the product. You should learn enough information such as: Type of product, demand for products in the market, strengths, weaknesses, similarities, and differences of products compared to competitors, etc.

Determine the time and place of the launch ceremony

Regarding the time, we should organize from 2-4 pm on weekends to attract many people to attend.

Regarding the venue, it is advisable to choose spacious places with convenient transportation.

Build ideas when organizing a new product launch ceremony

Unique ideas are one way to make a deep impression on partners and customers. With the product as the centerpiece, you can find a theme for the entire ceremony and at the same time express the purpose of your business.

Build an organizational plan

The methodical and detailed planning will help the program go smoothly, avoiding unexpected occurrences. Typically, the plan will include the following items:

- Make a guest list and send invitations according to the list

- Design and print publications (photos, video clips, etc.) to be used in the ceremony.

- Communication before the event

- Script content

- Prepare performances suitable for the product

- Prepare equipment

- Prepare personnel

- Make a communication strategy, find media partners (communication before and after the event)

- Construction

- Event overview

- ...

Implementation organization

After completing the preparation plan, the new product launch event was held according to the plan, time, and location.

New product launch event program script

Are you wondering what parts will be included when organizing a new product launch ceremony? So, please refer to the sample of the new product launch script below!

- Welcoming guests: The attentive reception of guests not only shows the professionalism of the business but also creates a good impression for the guests attending.

- Opening art: The performances need to be carefully prepared to impress and attract the eyes of guests on the stage. At the same time, it helps guests see the investment in the business, arousing their curiosity about new products.

- Introduction of product manufacturing process: affirming the prestige of the brand product to help customers feel confident and secure when using it.

- New product launch ceremony: This is the highlight of organizing a new product launch ceremony. Therefore, it needs to be carefully invested to convey the message of the business. The more solemn the ceremony, the more attention is drawn to the new product and the stronger the communication effect.

- Customers experience the product to help customers access the product in the fastest and most natural way.

- End of the program: The business representative will thank and send gifts to partners, customers, and press reporters who attended the event, affirming the value and quality of products that the company and business bring to customers.

Why choose Nonnuocmedia?

- Well-trained and professional event service personnel

- Skilled sound and lighting technicians

- New stage sound and lighting system

- Creative script ideas

The process of organizing the new product launch ceremony of Nonnuocmedia

1. Receive request of customers

2. Consulting and ideation for the event

3. Quotation for customers

4. Contract signing and deposit

5. Prepare personnel and equipment

6. Continue to organize the event

7. End of the product launch ceremony

8. Finalize the service confirmation with the customer

9. Procedures for liquidation of the contract

Coming to Nonnuocmedia, customers will not only be assured of the success of the program, but also receive specific and detailed advice so that the new product launch ceremony is most effective at a reasonable cost. With the understanding of customers and a team of enthusiastic, well-trained staff, along with the preparation, process and method of being implemented in a comprehensive way, each event that we organize always ensures professionalism and perfection.

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