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Organizing the opening ceremony is a very important activity that marks the first day of operation for the company, helping it to create an initial brand identity in a competitive market. Therefore, the form of organizing the opening ceremony should be carefully selected in accordance with the orientation, goals, and budget  of company.

Currently, based on user behavior, Nonnuocmedia is many unique forms of company opening ceremonies that are born and have unexpected effects. To know what the opening ceremony is, together find out the content!

Popular forms of organizing the opening ceremony for shops and companies

1. Organize the opening ceremony in the traditional form

The first is the traditional form of opening ceremony, which is no longer strange to everyone because it is commonly applied. However, if fully and carefully implemented, the effectiveness of brand recognition is very high.

A traditional opening ceremony will include the following parts: welcoming guests, the speech of the representative (director, shop owner, etc.), the ribbon cutting, and the party (if any). In addition, it is possible to combine it with the dragon lion dance at the venue.

The traditional form of grand opening is often effective when the organizers know how to combine "value" factors for customers to attend, such as gifts, sweepstakes, trial products, free parties, spectacular music and art, etc.

2. Organizing the opening ceremony in the form of a music event

Organizing the opening ceremony of the company in the form of music events is also done a lot and attracts thousands of spectators. With this form, the opening company will spend money to organize a grand concert with guest singers called "company opening concert...", so with word of mouth, it will communicate about that musical event, so that information about the opening of company is also widely spread.

Besides, with the presence of famous singers and idols in the concert, there will be a large number of fans - potential customers of the company. What your company needs to do right now is create a thorough brand identity.

This form has a music event, which will be very suitable for companies targeting young customers, retail businesses, or companies that want to implement a branding strategy on the opening day.

When organizing the opening ceremony, the company can combine sales and display products at "expensive" positions of the concert, both creating brand identity and selling products effectively.

3. Opening ceremony in the form of a banquet

Organizing the company opening ceremony in the form of a reception party for customers, partners, and all employees and associates is also very popular. With this form, the opening ceremony will take place in a simpler, more focused way, directed directly at potential customers.

The form of banquet in the opening ceremony can be a sweet party with confectionery, jelly, fruit, or juice, or a savory party with main dishes, served with beer.

By joining the party, the company, customers, and partners will have more opportunities to exchange and work with each other, thereby strengthening relationships and increasing business efficiency.

However, this form is more suitable for companies with familiar customers and partners. It is not very feasible for companies that target single, crowded customers, and do not determine the exact number of guests for the organization.

4. Form of organizing the opening ceremony in combination with product exhibition

The opening ceremony is held in the form of an exhibition, which is a very unique and attractive way and is currently being selected by many companies/stores.

Like a painting exhibition you often attend, but a little different, here is the product exhibition of company on the opening day. Product images, actual products, product information, and other details will be reasonably displayed in the staging area.

And with a tour of the exhibition area, customers can get a preliminary understanding of your products of company, from design to usage. Especially, for customized products, customers can stay longer and view more detailed information without having to wait for a consultant to come to provide support.

However, at the product exhibition locations, the company needs to arrange PG or staff to support customer inquiries and, at the same time, understand the common questions of customers or observe which exhibition stalls have many viewers. From there, there is information to do Marketing, information to evaluate, and "draw portraits" of customers.

The form of organizing the opening ceremony with a product exhibition helps the company bring its products closer to potential customers, especially for companies with many business items. Donot forget to invest in media for this event so that more people know about the exhibition!

In the form of opening the company to organize the exhibition, you should choose a suitable topic that is easy to reach for the audience. For example, "technology exhibition", "beauty product exhibition"...

5. Organize the opening ceremony in the form of events

Organizing the company opening ceremony in the form of actual events that are used a lot, such as music events, product launch events, celebrity events, etc., and some events created by the company itself. The event is a very large-scale organization, costs a lot of money, attracts a large number of interested people, and is especially widely reported by the media and press.

The main purpose of this opening ceremony is to build an image and show the strong resources of company to the public through mass media. Accordingly, event communication is also brand communication.

For this form of opening, the company needs strong resources, from finance to human resources, and needs to choose a reasonable event to attract and arouse curiosity from the public and target the right customers.

6. Opening ceremony in the form of fairs and booths

As you can see, the stalls and fairs have always attracted a lot of participants, not only because of the variety of products on sale but also because of the games, food, and art in the fair booths.

Because of the attractiveness of the fair to customers, the form of opening with booths and fairs is very popular and chosen.

The company can replace the usual booths with its own product stalls, with the layout and decoration in line with its brand identity. Customers attending the booth can see products, ask questions, and even make purchases on this opening day.

7. Organizing the opening ceremony in the form of promotions

Opening a store is often accompanied by attractive promotions, and is very well received by customers.

Organizing the opening ceremony in the form of promotions requires the company to have attractive incentives and discounts only on the occasion of the opening, "one in a thousand years", to stimulate demand and increase brand recognition.

In promotional ways, in the store opening ceremony, the company can mention:

- Shocking discount

- Lucky draw for valuable prizes

- Buy gifts, buy 1 get 1 free, buy more, get more discount.

- Free trial products and service experience vouchers

- Buy free music tickets.

8. Opening ceremony in the form of charity and donations

One form of organizing the opening ceremony that is commonly used today is the opening ceremony associated with charity and donation activities. Accordingly, the sales proceeds on the opening day of the company will be partly deducted for charity, or on the opening day, the company will call for people to contribute, do charity, etc.

With this form of organization, the company not only stimulates the demand for buyers by easily bringing products to customers but also creates human values, builds a good image, and creates the trust of the community if done well.

However, with this form of organization, your company needs to have a professional organizational direction, learn information about charity facilities carefully, be transparent about activities, and build trust with customers.

9. Organizing the opening ceremony in combination with the exhibition

The opening program is also the new product launch ceremony. The form of organizing the opening ceremony in combination with the exhibition is chosen by many units.

With the useful information shared above, I hope that your company will organize a successful opening ceremony and make a lot of noise. If you have any doubts during the ceremony, do not forget to contact Nonnuocmedia via hotline: 0913 853 198 for timely support and advice.

Notes when choosing a form of organization for the opening ceremony of company

Based on the budget, choose the right organization form

Based on the budget, your company can choose the appropriate form of opening ceremony without having to worry or waste time choosing and planning.

With a limited budget, the company can organize the opening ceremony in the traditional way or through attractive promotions. With a higher budget, the company can choose to open with music events, fair booths, etc.

It is not recommended to combine two or more forms of organization.

The combination of two or more different forms of opening ceremonies will make the plan confusing; it is easy to lose direction.

Besides, this combination also wastes money unnecessarily, instead of just focusing on a key form at the right cost and with the highest efficiency.

Based on products and business types, choose an effective form of opening

Are your products an intensive line, or a series of products? Type of retail business or wholesale supply for branches, distributors?

Based on these characteristics, the company will determine who its main customers are and how to approach them. From there, we can come up with a suitable and effective form of organization for your company.

Communication suitable for the form of opening ceremony

In 4.0 society today, all information is attached to social media such as Facebook, Zalo, online newspapers, livestream, etc., so for the grand opening to be successful, online communication plays an extremely important role.

In addition to the grand opening plan, the company should prepare an online media plan for the opening ceremony to ensure that it is known to many customers and, at the same time, to support the successful and effective form of the opening ceremony.

With the useful information on the form of organizing the opening ceremony shared above, Nonnuocmedia hopes that your company will organize a successful opening ceremony and make a lot of noise in the market!

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