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Roadshows can be understood as "a form of outdoor performance marketing". Roadshow is classified with other types of OOH Marketing. Brands often use roadshows to promote their brand image, introduce products or services, or for other communication purposes.

What are the characteristics of Roadshow?

Highlights of the Roadshow event include:

- Large participating team, at least 10 people

- Participants must wear branded uniforms

- The most commonly used means of transportation are bicycles and motorcycles.

- Busy main roads are where Roadshows often appear.

- Accompanying the delegation were media publications such as banners, posters, mascots, banners, etc.

- Some forms of Roadshow also combine singing, dancing, calling, etc. to attract the attention of passers-by.

- Some forms of Roadshow also include handing out flyers, giving samples, giving vouchers, giving souvenirs, etc.

- The maximum duration is 3 consecutive days to create media effects

- What are the procedural requirements for getting permission to organize a Roadshow?

- The cost of organizing a Roadshow is quite expensive.

10 popular forms of roadshows running in Vietnam

Roadshow has many different forms of organization. Therefore, besides finding out what a roadshow is, you also need to know which form will best suit each Marketing campaign. Here are the 10 most popular roadshows in Vietnam:

Walking Roadshow (Human Billboard)

In the form of a walking roadshow, employees will stand near activation booths to introduce new products or push product sales. These employees will be on duty to distribute leaflets, provide trial products, call customers around, etc.

Usually, there will be interactive games at booth locations. Besides, the staff will perform other attractive activities such as singing, dancing, bouncing, etc. They will move around this area, not too far from the venue.

Bike roadshow

A bicycle roadshow is a large form of bicycle promotion that moves around central areas on many large, crowded streets. What is a roadshow bike fleet that will be uniformly equipped with colors, banners, costumes, mascots, etc.?

This form often attracts great attention and is quite cost-effective. Therefore, a bicycle roadshow is a form applied by many brands whenever there is a new product.

Motorcycle roadshow

Motorcycle roadshows are often used in multi-day campaigns and are suitable for moving in both the morning and evening. Besides, motorbikes are also popular because they can travel farther and faster than bicycles.

The current form of Roadshow also applies the LED screen behind the rear of the car. This will help promote the brand more visually and vividly. In addition, it also effectively attracts the attention of passersby.

Cyclo roadshow

A roadshow by Cyclo is a rather unique form of promotion. Because cyclos are not used much on the road. Therefore, every time there is a roadshow, it attracts a lot of attention.

This form is often applied at tourist destinations. Brands that organize tours and resort services often use this form of Roadshow.

Cars Roadshow  

Roadshow cars use decals with glossy or matte lamination glued to the body of the car. Many brands use this form of Roadshow to cover images or introduce new products, new branches, etc.

Truck roadshow

The form of a truck roadshow also works similarly to a car roadshow. However, with a larger body area, the brand image on the body is also larger and more prominent.

Luxury Roadshow 45-seat car

Luxury Roadshow 45-seat car is a form of mobile convoy parade commonly used in big cities and suburbs. A parade will have about 2-4 45-seat cars moving in high-traffic areas, making a strong impression with large-sized media publications, sticking to the sides, front, and rear of the vehicle.

Its advantages include creating a great impression, being easy to spread, conveying many messages, reaching a large number of viewers, and being suitable for many brands, especially high-end products.

Roadshow double decker bus

Similar to the form of the Luxury Roadshow 45-seat car, the Roadshow double-decker bus also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Normally, the cost of renting a double-decker bus will be almost twice as high, but it offers a sense of luxury and a larger advertising area.

Roadshow mobile LED screen

Roadshow forms of mobile LED screens are often used when moving on the street. LED screens are usually attached to the sides of the car body, where the largest area is. In addition, the edge car is decorated with glowing string lights to make it stand out more.

Unlike other forms of advertising, this form of Roadshow creates attraction with vivid and eye-catching images. In addition, the LED screen can be moved in many different time frames, suitable for the living habits of the target customer group.

Creative roadshow

With this form of Roadshow, many brands can create many ways to promote their brands, depending on their own characteristics. Brands can use mascots, 3D mockups mounted on vehicles, and move into busy streets.

This will attract the attention of passersby and help them easily visualize your business product. The innovative Roadshow is therefore best suited when you have a new brand or product line going to market for the first time.

Which brands need Roadshow and what is the communication purpose?

Any form of Roadshow promotion is suitable for all brands in many fields. Because the communication purpose of roadshow is to create interest and stimulate curiosity people through outstanding images and messages.

On the other hand, roadshows are also used to create reminder images for the brand. Therefore, long-standing brands that have a foothold in the market still use this form for important events.

However, roadshows are also a way of communicating with a mass audience. Therefore, brands need to combine with many other forms of communication to create better conversions.

Advantages and limitations of Roadshow advertising

Each form of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, whatever Roadshow is, there are strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about this, please refer to the detailed content below!

Advantages of Roadshow advertising

- Suitable for all different industries.

- Can be applied at any time of the year.

- Create great attractions in the community.

- There are many forms of display, in accordance with the needs and characteristics of the brand.

- Good support for the later stages of the communication campaign.

Limitations of Roadshow

- The process of organizing involves many stages, from preparing messages and images to applying for permission to organize at state agencies, printing media publications, renting cars, decorating, organizing people, etc.

- Roadshow costs are quite expensive because of the need to use a large number of personnel or many other expensive means of transport.

- Many roads are difficult to organize for vehicles, especially trucks, 45-seat cars, double-decker buses, etc.

- The journey is affected by many external factors, such as sunshine, rain, traffic jams, etc.

- Signs, banners, LED lights, etc. mounted on vehicles can cause traffic insecurity and create discomfort for road users

- The procedure for applying for an advertising license is quite difficult and multi-step

- The target audience is quite wide, so it must be combined with other communication activities to increase the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Items needed when organizing a roadshow

To be able to organize a Roadshow, your business needs to prepare items such as:

- Roadshow organization plan: purpose, idea, implementation time, number of vehicles, venue and time

- Design a moving route: route, order of movement

- License papers from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

- Roadshow participants and moderators

- The accompanying media materials and publications: banners, flags, vouchers, flyers, uniforms, decals...

- Personnel respond to arising situations such as traffic jams, broken cars, documents checked, etc.

How does the process of organizing a Roadshow run?

What is a roadshow, which is a large-scale media activity. Therefore, you need to prepare many items in detail and understand the organizational processes. Here is the basic Roadshow organization process that many organizers apply:

Step 1: Exchange requests, quotes and choose the form of Roadshow: You need to have a plan and receive advice from the organizer to best suit your communication goals.

Step 2: Coordinate the organization plan: The roadshow organizers will discuss with the business the time, location, quantity, and means of transportation in accordance with the needs and budget.

Step 3: Apply for an organization license from the agency: You need to prepare the documents required by the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Step 4: Arrange personnel to participate in the Roadshow: Your business can hire personnel to participate. However, you can also choose PG, PB teams from specialized organizers with a variety of service packages to suit.

Step 5: Print and decorate moving vehicles: After having images and communication messages, businesses need to send them to the organizer for printing to match the size vehicle.

Step 6: Prepare other logistics items.

Step 7: Run the Roadshow: Monitor the operation process and assist in handling incidents on the move.

Step 8: Acceptance and use of media publications: The organizer will send back videos and photos of what Roadshow is. These publications will be used for digital communication purposes.

Some experiences organizing an effective Roadshow

Here are some experiences in organizing an effective Roadshow, suggested by many organizers:

Develop a plan and a detailed Roadshow organization script

A good communication plan is a detailed plan with consultation from specialized units. Good planning will help your business minimize unexpected situations. In addition, this plan is also a premise to implement for all subsequent organizational activities.

A good Roadshow communication plan must be full of content such as:

- Campaign goals, budget: help determine what type of Roadshow will be suitable

- Place of organization: in the inner city or suburban, in a fixed area or through many provinces...

- Time of organization: time to introduce new products, consumption season, special events of the year, weather, etc.

- Number of deployments: this number includes the number of personnel, the number of vehicles, the time period, etc. to ensure sufficient recognition and cost optimization.

- Concept: What is the image and brand personality you want to convey? How do you want viewers to feel about your image?

Choose an optimal route and a Roadshow route

What is a Roadshow route? It is usually a route with high traffic density, with many target customers living or moving in this area. Therefore, a route running Roadshow usually moves in the inner city, near buildings and crowded residential areas.

However, you need to pay attention to inconvenient roads, such as roads where cars are not allowed, bad roads, roads with traffic jams, roads with limited traffic, etc., to avoid sudden interruptions.

Pay attention in the process of applying for a license

Applying for a permit is very important for outdoor marketing activities, especially in busy road areas. Because the traffic police can check papers unexpectedly or create many problems. At this point, you need an organization license and someone to negotiate and work with the authorities.

Make contingency plans and handle arising situations

Situations arise and are inevitable in event organization. Therefore, you need to have a script to handle problems such as bad weather, traffic jams, broken cars, lost groups, accidents, etc. to make the Roadshow go smoothly.

Creative, unique publication design and out-of-the-box elements

Because whatever the purpose of the roadshow is, it needs to attract the attention of a large number of people. Therefore, your media publications must be unique and eye-catching. In addition, they need to show the brand image, products/services and media messages that the campaign is aiming for.

However, the content must not create misunderstanding, enmity, disunity, or violate fine customs and traditions. These publications will have to be sent to the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for censorship to be allowed to circulate.

Combine viral social networks

A lot of brands apply what is called "roadshowing" daily on the road. Therefore, the presence of your brand can create sudden curiosity. However, viewers can hardly remember who you are without incorporating the viral element of social networks.

Therefore, when the Roadshow takes place, it is always necessary to record images and videos to use to spread the word. You can now combine with online newspapers, communities, fan pages, and KOLs large and small on social networks to get more people to know about your campaign.

On the other hand, your brand image will make an impression and help viewers remember it longer if it is often repeated on social networks.

The above article has helped you understand more about what a Roadshow is, its features and forms, and what you need to know when organizing one. Nonnuocmedia hopes you can choose the right Roadshow form and successfully apply it to your Marketing campaign.

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